In a gravel yard, two young men meet for the first time. One of them is bleeding but the other doesn’t see. At a lake, two women try to reconnect. But their eyes never meet. In a field, a couple tries to approach each other. But their attempts to touch fail. Why are they growing apart? Is distance ever-growing?

Starring: Santiago Lösslein Pulido, Emre Lecoe, Faith Anoff, Jorid Lukaczik, Marleen Johow, Radovan Vodila, Naomi Rentsch

Directed by: Petra Priskin

Cinematography by: Moritz Dehler

Edited by: Simon Hartl 

Costume & Production Design by: Marleen Johow

Hair & Make Up by: Selina Schardt

1st AC: Felix Riedelsheimer

Colorist: Thomas Kumeling 

Featuring Saskia Diez products.

Special thanks to: Kieswerk Jais, Carta Pura, Kameraverleih Licht & Ton KLT, Saskia Diez, Thomas Spitschka, Artjom Baranov