Jonas Saalbach – Headlights (2 x 12″)


Artist: Jonas Saalbach – Headlights (LP)
Format: 2 x 12’’
Release date: October 29th, 2021
Label: Radikon
Catalog no: Rdkn38

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01. Half A Decade 3:11 min
02. Headlights (feat. Angus Powell) 4:57 min
03. Transformation 6:37 min
04. Cellophane 5:20 min
05. Nacho 5:14 min
06. Jenora 6:31 min
07. Wanderlust 6:16 min
08. Acstatic 4:25 min
09. Gardens Of Siam 5:08
10. 2011 6:02
11. Changing (feat. Luna Semara) 5:09


Jonas Saalbach's prolific career in electronic music has seen more than a few milestones. From youthful beginnings as a live-only performer over dozens of eps on premier labels to the release of three studio albums and the inception of his own imprint Radikon in 2018, the Berlin producer has pursued his musical vision with uncompromising fervour. 'Headlights', an 11-track album set for release on his own imprint, feels like the summit of a decade-long climb to the highest echelons of electronic dance music.

With 'Headlights', Jonas has created his most personal and mature work to date, free of the criteria of producing for an external label. His newest coup is a no-frills translation from mind to melody that showcases the inner workings of Jonas' auditory universe in the most honest way possible. Nostalgic, longing, introspective and wildly emotional, 'Headlights' strips away all distractions; a pure love for dance music is all that remains.

Once a young producer who hypnotized stages around the globe with his energy and joie de vivre, Jonas today has crafted a platform that takes his art to the next level. After a decade in dance music, 'Headlights' is the pinnacle of a musical journey and perhaps the most powerful achievement in a storied career.

Mastering: Guy James Cohen
Text: Philip Forristall
Cover: Simon Kneip