Jonas Saalbach - Headlights

66L Jonas Saalbach’s prolific career in electronic music has seen more than a few milestones. From youthful beginnings as a live-only performer over dozens of eps on premier labels to the release of three studio albums and the inception of his own imprint Radikon in 2018, the Berlin producer has pursued his musical vision with uncompromising fervour. ‘Headlights’, an 11-track album set for release on his own imprint, feels like the summit of a decade-long climb to the highest echelons of electronic dance music.

11.03 Delhi – Summer House Cafe (LIVE)
12.03 Hyderabad – Block22 (LIVE)
13.03 Kolkata – Offline (LIVE)
18.03 Pune – The Secret Garden (LIVE)
19.03 Bangalore – Azure Open Air (LIVE)
20.03 Goa – Marbela (LIVE)
31.03 Giza – Cairo Jazz Club (LIVE)
01.04 Dortmund – Oma Doris (LIVE)
02.04 Baden – Rave On (LIVE)
07.04 Beer Sheva – Forum Club (LIVE)
14.04 Berlin – Ritter Butzke, Radikon Showcase (LIVE)
16.04 Innsbruck – Club Cubique (DJ)
23.04 Warsaw – Smolna (LIVE)
30.04 Vienna – Boat party (LIVE & DJ)
01.05 Gütersloh – Wapelbeats (DJ)
07.05 Madeira – Vespas Club (LIVE)
20.05 Doha – The Black Orchidee (DJ)
24.05 Tel Aviv – Spoons (LIVE)
03.06 Munich – Bahnwärther Thiel (DJ)
10.06 Baku – Enerjy Club (LIVE)
11.06 London – secret (DJ)
17.06 Berlin – Watergate (LIVE)
19.06 Istanbul – Phönix Park (LIVE)
25.06 Lisboa – Castell De Sesimbra (LIVE)
29.06 Mexico Tour – Radikon Showcase
03.07 Mexico Tour ends
15.07 Am Mellensee – Sternfest (LIVE)
16.07 Herten – Sunset Picknick (DJ)
22.07 Swidwin – Summer Contrast Festival (b2b SKALA)



New Album

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Jonas Saalbach New Album Headlights Radikon
Jonas Saalbach New Album Headlights


Jonas Saalbach ‘Live’ at Krka Nationalpark

presenting his new album


Making Of 1 & 2

get an inside about Jonas’ life in Berlin and his escape to produce ‘Headlights’

‘Headlights ft. Angus Powell’ studio jam

available digital & vinyl

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